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 The Region

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Plan de la Tour


View of Sainte Maxime


The port of Saint Tropez


Tucked away at the foot of the Massif des Maures,
Plan de la Tour is located in a wonderful place :
9 km from Sainte Maxime, 17 km from St Tropez,
30 km from  A8 Motorway Aix-Nice ( see the map).
The woodland of oaks, pines, olive trees, mimosas, chestnut trees grow along wide plains of wineyards. The tawny colored granite of the Maures provides a magnificent view that gives Plan de la Tour its name of " the garden of the Saint Tropez Gulf ". The "Provençal Village houses "with their old tiled roofs, built around the church with typical bell tower,
their alleys and their shady squares give an image of serenity and peacefulness.
Shops, markets, traditional fairs, the evenings in the streets,the "boules" games...
The village enjoys an excellent reputation
for the events that take place there all year round.   

For more informations : tourism, meteo... 
Sainte Maxime   http://www.ste-maxime.com/
Saint Tropez   http://www.saint-tropez.fr/
Plan de la Tour : http://www.leplandelatour.net/

Weather and climate
: Météo locale - Sainte-Maxime - Prévisions météo de Météo-France



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